Monday, September 4, 2017

Chalk One Up for Tiny Working Spaces

So this year I was given the opportunity to embrace a tiny office. At first I was not happy that I was losing my big, beautiful classroom with windows and moving to a small 10' x 12' office. Now I realize that isn't the tiniest, but it was a quarter of the size that I am used to and it has no windows! But I had to move past the fact that I had to downsize and needed to embrace tiny working. I still wanted to have small groups, but I no longer have a table with chairs to sit at or a walk-in closet to store all my supplies. Instead I was given 6 cabinets :( I have always been a fan of the Tiny Living Movement so I thought to myself, "This is your opportunity to go tiny." And so I did. If you are interested in seeing my big classroom that I moved from, click here.
Below are the pictures of the transformation to my Tiny Working Office.

I needed to make my office a place that students would enjoy visiting. So I started with making this sterile room into a visually inviting room. I bought chalk-paper contact paper from Walmart and covered the doors on my cabinets. Then I hand drew all the posters with chalk markers. 

Next, I was gifted a file cabinet that has to be older than my first born. It was rusty and dented. No problem! I covered it with the same chalk-board contact paper and added some spray painted 8 x 10 frames from the Dollar Tree. For fun I labeled each of my drawers with a little reminder to Smile, Laugh, Inspire , and Relax.

For my bulletin board, I plan on adding pictures that I take throughout the year to my board.

Finally, the overhead fluorescent lighting was just too much. So I added garden lighting to soften the look.

To take care of my storage and seating for small group challenges, I purchased lots of dual use items. Notice the stools. The lids come off to reveal all the supplies needed for small groups. Decorative cloth boxes fill the bookshelves to hold more supplies. So far, I have been able to hold groups as large as 6 so I think I will be ok!

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