Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Oh Deer: Santa's Reindeer Need to Learn about being Kind to Others!

I'm so excited for the holidays to come! I always like to do a lesson on kindness during this time since we see so much giving around the holidays. So I created an Escape Room style lesson teaching Kindness, Empathy, and Compassion. It starts like this, "Oh no! Santa's reindeer are on the naughty list!" Students work in teams to solve the puzzles as they practice recognizing feelings, making "I" statements, using empathy, and caring communication to get the reindeer back on the nice list. Students receive cookies from Mrs. Claus as they solve each puzzle only to have to use those cookies for the final puzzle - the Golden Rule. I love Escape Room style lessons because it gives students The chance to work on team building skills, conflict resolution, and feel success while learning. The kids love them just because they like the challenge and they are fun! You can purchase it here: Oh Deer: A Holiday Reindeer Lesson on Kindness,Compassion, & Empathy

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Become a STAR Problem Solver While Solving the Puzzles in this Escape Room

Check out my newest resource! I love Escape Rooms & my students do too! It gives them an opportunity to work as a team & solve puzzles. What a great way to learn about problem-solving by...solving puzzles!
The story goes…the students are getting ready to walk the red carpet. It’s almost time for the Oscars when they discover something has gone wrong with their film! They are tasked to revisit the Pre-Production room, Production room, Set, and Post-Production room to solve the puzzles and break the code for each clue. As students use their critical thinking skills to solve the clues in each room, they learn the steps to solving problems and earn a Hollywood Star of Fame! Everyone is a star in this fun, cooperative team-building lesson learning the STAR problem-solving method.

Regularly $8.00, get it on sale for 30% off at $5.60 for the first 48 hours (through November 19!)