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Welcome to The Creative Counselor.  I started this blog to share creative ways to counsel children.  I am an Elementary School Counselor in Lexington,  South Carolina.  I have been a school counselor since 1993 and received my National Board Certification in 2004.  Recently I just renewed my National Board Certification in 2013!  I love developing fun, creative ways for children to learn and share about the many topics that School Counselors teach.    I am known for saying "Let's not recreate the wheel", so you will see many activities that counselors have done over the years, but updated.  I love technology and think it is a great way to catch the attention of our students! I hope you enjoy these ideas.  I love helping others and don't mind sharing any of my ideas. Feel free to email me or check out my School Counseling website.

Michelle Privette is a school counselor with 24 years experience in the elementary and middle schools. She received her National Board Certification in 2005 and renewed her National Board Certification in 2013. She has co-authored Leadership Curriculum for the Lexington School District 1 School Counselors. In particular, she was the technology consultant, adding in technology such as Smartboard, iPads, and Web 2.0 tools to enhance the learning experience. Michelle currently is the Secretary for the Palmetto State School Counselor Association. She has also been a team member on the District Caring Communities Committee and the District Counselor Technology team. Michelle was most recently named Elementary School Counselor of the year for the Palmetto State School Counselor Association and will go on to represent South Carolina as the nominee for National School Counselor of the Year 2018!

Michelle loves working with students to help them achieve their maximum potential. Not only does Michelle enjoy working with students, she sees her experience as an opportunity to share with others. You can find Michelle working with school counseling students from the local university, providing professional development to district counselors, contributing to the profession by presenting at state and national conference workshops and sharing on her blog and website. She is also an active member on the Palmetto State School Counselor Association Board and is currently serving as secretary.


  1. Hi, Michelle! Glad to have found you through Pinterest! I'm a Child/Adolescent Therapist providing services in two rural schools in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. I hope you'll join us over at Spin-Doctor Parenting {and teaching}!

    Wendy @Kidlutions

    1. Hi Wendy! I've actually downloaded some feelings stuff from you before! Glad to see you like this blog. I also liked your Facebook page:)

    2. Michelle, first let me thank you for your ideas for standardized tests, I appreciate your sharing some great ideas!

      Second, Wendy, I am an academic services provider in the EUP! How amazing is that?!

  2. I love the career Mr. Potatoe head. Do you have a template of the various accessories?

  3. I was wondering if you would share the link for the Rock the Test video so I can download it for our pep rall? I would so appreciate your help! THANKS!!!! YOU ROCK!

    My email is

  4. I was wondering if you would share your PP for the Rock the Test video so I can download it for our pep rally? I would so appreciate your help! THANKS!!!! YOU ROCK!

    Beckie Nieman

  5. Michelle, you just got nominated for an award! Please check out my blog for all the details:

  6. Hi Michelle, I am wondering if you could email (or share with me through google docs) your "Are you smarter than your teacher?" test prep powerpoint. I tried downloading it, but it won't up in powerpoint. Not sure what happened, but it's super cute and would like to use it with our 3-4 graders this fall.

  7. I tried to download the minion mayhem but the link kept taking me to "I can feel anger in my body". How do I go about getting this?

  8. I love your website! Such great ideas... I have been following your ideas for a while and it wasn't until today I realized you were from Lexington. I actually graduated from Lexington and I am now an outpatient counselor in Greenville!