Saturday, April 19, 2014

Tracker - Sniffing out the Many Careers in our Community

Scroll to bottom if you would like a copy of the Tracker program.

I wanted to get students involved in learning about the many different careers in our community so I came up with Tracker.  Tracker is our newest addition to our Guidance Department.

Tracker is actually a small case with a zipper pocket to carry small things!

Tracker loves to learn about different careers! Each week Tracker  goes home with a different student on a field trip to their parents' work and learns about the different jobs. He is interested in the many things they do and what fields of study he will need to think about in order to do these jobs. When Tracker returns from his field trip, the student presents a report with a poster including pictures of all the things Tracker got to learn about.  I videotape their presentation and then show it on our morning news show for the entire school to see.
Permission Slip

To take Tracker home for a week, students have their parents sign a permission slip stating they will take him to work to do some on the job training and will take pictures of Tracker doing those things such as driving a forklift at Lowes or flying a Fighter Bomber for the Air Force.


Once the student returns the permission slip, Tracker is loaded up with directions and a report form to complete before returning a week later.

Report Form

Finally, I made a huge display to share all of Tracker's Adventures.  Usually there are 5 posters hanging at a time. Each of the flowers below the posters represent the 5 Schools of Study: 1) Arts and Humanities, 2) Business Management and Information Systems, 3) Engineering, Manufacturing, and Industrial Technologies, 4) Health Science and Human Services, and 5) Public Services.  On the flower petals, I write the name of the job that Tracker has visited under each School of Study along with the name of the student who took him home for that field trip.  So when I change the posters out, the student and the job are still being recognized all year long!

Tracker has been to many places such as Atlanta Bread Co, American Red Cross, McEntire Air Force Base, Gamestop, and South Carolina Law Enforcement!

Here is one of Tracker's video's:

UPDATE: I have had several people email me and request this program. So I took the time to put together a package that can be immediately implemented or customized for your school including a Power Point Introduction for students. 

Available for purchase

Personalize with your school's mascot
Or use the pre-made ready to go form

The Tracker program is available for $3.00 in my TPT store: Creative Counseling Resources


  1. What a fantastic idea! I love it!

  2. Thanks Tanya! And the kids absolutely love having Tracker for a week and telling about his job shadowing experience! It really has been a success:)

  3. Do you have a "Tracker" for each class you see? I love this idea but I see 13 classes from just K-2 alone!

  4. No, we have 3 Trackers - we ordered him off of Amazon. The benefit of having 3 is that because we have such a high interest, we can pick from the different Career Clusters when we get the Field Trip Permission Slip back and make sure that we are getting a variety of jobs. We have a disclaimer on the bottom of the Field Trip Permission form that says due to high interest, we cannot guarantee when he will come home with a student. I presented Tracker at the beginning of a lesson and had forms with me if the students wanted to take one home. But the form has to come back signed before we send him home with any student.

  5. I adore this and I am so doing it next year!! Do you remember where you got your trackers on Amazon if I wanted to get some. How long did you do this- all year? I think it would be a fun all year project and get one Tracker for each grade level, but is that too much not enough? Great idea.

    1. Thanks Laura! We started it half way through the year, but we plan on running it through the year next year. Here is the link where we purchased ours:
      We have 1 per grade level and started it in 3rd, 4th, and 5th to see how it would go. 3rd and 4th grades have the most field trips. I guess 5th graders may be a bit too cool, but I have had quite a few 5th graders too. We may just continue with 3 and start out in the older grades for the first half of the year next year and then move it to the lower grades the second half of the year.

  6. Great feedback. Thanks so much!

  7. One more question: What did you use to make your video? The beginning is so cute?

    1. I just made it in movie maker. I keep a saved project and just update it with the new video each time and save as new.

  8. This is awesome! I'm looking forward to doing this with my students next year!
    Thank you for all your great ideas!

  9. Hi Michele,

    Working in an elementary school of over 600 kids, I can't see how even 3 Trackers would be enough. Do you run the career unit for the entire school year? I literally feel like I would need a Tracker for every student. Love the idea, just can't picture it working without a lot more Trackers. Please advise.


    Michelle R.