Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mr. Potato Head Dresses for Success

It is Career month at my school.  We typically focus on Careers through Classroom Guidance and conclude the focus with a Career Week where we have a Dress-up Day, Vehicle Day for the younger students, and Career Speaker Day for the older students.  This year I made an interactive bulletin board to get the kids thinking about career exploration.

I'm not sure how many Potato Heads I have around my house, but I got to thinking...I love how Mr. Potato Head has increased his wardrobe over the years.  I think of the many different hair pieces and accessories we have such as Pirate Potato Head or Spider Spud.  We just may have more Potato outfits than Barbie outfits!

As I pondered about playing with Mr. Potato Head, I came up with an interactive, dress Mr. Potato Head in a Career Outfit Bulletin Board!

I started by cutting out a basic Mr. Potato Head figure out of brown construction paper.  I just drew these free hand. Then I cut out the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, mustache and hands and attached them all to the Potato body.  Next I cut out three different pairs of boots - brown, black, and white; as well as, one pair of flippers.  I decided to dress Mr. Potato Head with different career hats.  Each career also has one tool that they use.  For instance you could dress Mr. Potato Head as a Magician by giving him a top hat and a magic wand.

I made three suitcases and labeled them: Work Hats, Work Tools, and Work Boots.  After having all the pieces laminated, I attached velcro dots to the back of the individual pieces and stored them in their appropriate suitcase.  Now Mr. Potato Head has interchangeable career outfits! I came up with the following Career Hats and Career Tools/Hand-held objects:
  1. Astronaut - Space Helmet with microphone and a Walkie Talkie
  2. Chef - Chef Hat and a Pie
  3. Scuba Diver - Scuba Mask and Snorkle
  4. Detective - Shirlock Holmes Hat and a Magnifying Glass
  5. Magician - Top Hat and a Wand
  6. Construction Worker - Hard Hat and a Hammer
  7. Police Officer - Police Cap and Handcuffs
  8. Doctor - Medical Headlight and a Medical Bag
  9. Mail Man - Mail Man Hat and a Letter to Mrs. Potato Head
  10. Plumber - Plumber Cap and Plunger
  11. Fireman - Fireman Helmet and a Hose

As soon as the kids saw my new bulletin board, they swarmed it like a hive of bees!
I'm hoping it doesn't get torn up or I might just have to quote Mrs. Potato Head,
 "Don't make me get out my angry eyes!" 


  1. LOVE this idea!!! I made what I thought was a cool interactive bulletin board with push pins on the US map marking where we all went to college . . . but when kids started moving the pins around and some of us ended up going to college in the ocean, I realized it wasn't really "interactive" at all. This is AmAzInG. I MUST do something like this . . . pinning now!!!

    The Corner On Character

  2. Thank you for the great compliment! Kids are so funny, you just have to laugh at their ingenious ways to drive us crazy! I'd love to hear about your other bulletin board ideas too! Michelle

  3. Many of my bulletin board ideas are posted here:

    But NONE of them is THIS cute!!!