Friday, March 30, 2018

How Do You Want to be Remembered?

If I could go back in time and give myself a pep talk, I would remind my younger self that I need to look at the bigger picture. Kids are so caught up in impressing their peers and seem to forget that their reputation they set now can stick with them for a long time. So I decided it was time to talk to my 5th graders about the reputation they are creating for themselves and to make a decision, is this "Hoo" they want to be remembered as?

I started off with a pre-assessment question, "How do you want to be remembered?" Students love to share about their dreams of a future job, but few think about their reputation! Next I asked if they know who the Grinch is and showed them a video clip of the movie that is coming out in December of this year. We then related the Grinch's actions and how they created his reputation of being mean. Students were able to recollect from the original animation that the Grinch was able to repair his reputation. 

Next we played the "Hush" game.  Students wore a reputation word on a lanyard turned around on their back. Their classmates told them clues for them to guess. The only rule: The person giving the clue had a “Hush” word that they were NOT allowed to use when giving a definition or hint. They had  a blast playing. Once they knew their Reputation card, we played a second game, "Hoo" am I? In this game, i read scenarios in which a reputation was described. The students decided if their reputation card was the one being described. If so, they would come to the front of the classroom. If more than one student came to the front, the class would vote on which one they thought it was and explain why.

I made sure to bring up our online reputations as well. We wrapped up the lesson with why give a hoot? It was especially important as my 5th graders were getting ready to transition to the middle school. 

To finish the lesson, my post assessment added a goal element. Students had to write how they were going to achieve their reputation. 

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