Monday, November 27, 2017

Finding a Just Right Job

November is National Career Development Month, so there’s no better time than November (and December) to use the book, How Santa Got His Job to teach little ones about exploring their career interests! I like this book because I can point out that Santa had several jobs before he found his “Just Right Job.” I like to make this point because research says we will have multiple jobs in our lifetime.

After I read the book to the students, I ask the students what interests did Santa discover he had in each of his jobs? Why did he like that job? 

On the Power Point, students can select the picture that represents one of Santa’s jobs, then the interest he discovered is shown. Afterward, we discuss that the most important thing about picking a job is it should be a job that you like, that suits you, and your interests, personality, and abilities.

Next, I help the kids think of careers that go with different interests. I tell them, “Santa had some elves that decided they would rather have another career besides making toys. Let’s see if you can guess what their career “s-ELF-fie” looks like!” 

On the Power Point I have an Elf and once the students matches the career to their interests, the Career “s-Elf-ie” appears.  

Finally, to find out what students are considering, I have them Elf themself and draw their own “Career s-Elf-ie”! The kids loved doing this lesson. It’s fun to think about what we will be when we grow up!

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