Sunday, October 22, 2017

Don't Let Little Things Bug You!

This week I had the most fun teaching my first graders how to use a Bug and a Wish statement when someone or something is "bugging" them. First I read them the story A Bug and A Wish by Karen Scheuer.

It's a really cute book. When Tyler is teased by the other boys, his good friend, Danae, encourages him to give the boys A Bug and a Wish. When Tyler finds a ladybug and a dandelion seed, he is convinced that this is what Danae means. As his friend helps him learn the true meaning of her advice, Tyler soon discovers the solution to his problem. You can buy it at all the major book selling sites for a very reasonable price.

We practiced as a class how to say Bug and Wish statements and then chose which statement would help the situation.

After practicing several thought provoking buggy situations, I allowed individual students who were comfortable making Bug and Wish statements to come to the front and select a bug to hear a buggy situation. After reading them the situation, they would tell their class a Bug and a Wish statement that would work to help solve the problem.

Next I had the students break into groups of three. I have cards with bug body parts on them. The students have to find the other students with the matching body part. Once they had found their group of three, I had them show me by standing quietly with the bug antennas up (Pointer fingers pointing up on top of their head.) Then I gave each group a picture and asked the groups to look at the picture and decide what may be happening. What buggy feelings does the child have? Come up with a Bug and a Wish statement for the child with buggy feelings. 

When the groups were ready to share, I clicked on the board and a bug body part appeared. As the bug body appeared, I had the group with the matching bug body part share their situation and their Bug and Wish statement. By the end, we had built a butterfly! 

Finally, students were able to color a bookmark to remember how to use their Bug and Wish statements whenever something or someone is bugging them!

If you are interested  in this lesson, I sell a ready to go, no planning necessary packet on Teachers Pay Teachers. You can purchase Solving Conflicts with A Bug and a Wish here.


  1. Hi there! We have been using your amazing "name that tune" game for years and love it! It is suddenly not working at our school. :( Do you know if it still works? Thank you so much for always sharing your ideas!

    1. I just checked the Glog. It is working.
      I was given a notification to update my player.