Monday, August 21, 2017

Surviving being a New Student

It's a new year and I have over 50 new students to my school! That's not including the Kindergartners. I wanted to welcome my students and help them remember who I am and what I do. I love to give students something to keep, but with so many new students, I had to go cheap. So I created New Student Survival Kits.

They are a perfect little gift that you can give your new students when meeting them for the first time. I printed a list of items that i was going to place in the Survival Kit. I made sure to include a description of why I put that item in the kit.

I placed the list in a zip-lock bag along with the items. The best part of this...I was able to purchase all items including the bags for $14 at the Dollar Tree to make 50 bags.

My kids enjoyed these so much, I decided to put them on my TPT site. If you are interested in printing these, you can purchase my New Student Survival Kit here for $2. There are 4 Kit Lists to the page. Enjoy meeting new students, talking to them about your role as a school counselor and how you can help!!!

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