Monday, August 14, 2017

Escape Room Excitement

This year for our Back to School School Counseling Program overview for the teachers, I created a Virtual Escape Room. I had three goals behind this fun...
1) I needed to review our program with the teachers,
2) I wanted them to learn where to find answers to their burning questions about the school-wide programs we run, and
3) I wanted it to be fun and not just another thing to do instead of being in their classroom getting ready for their new students.

 So I created a Google form with 10 questions about our program. I gave them this back story... “Evil villains have taken over your school. All you superheroes have been exiled to the Principal's office. As a superhero, you know that you have super speed and super strength, but that will not be enough to help you escape the challenging puzzles in the evil villains' plot! You have 15 minutes to free yourselves by answering 10 riddles to save the day. Can you escape before the tardy bell rings? Once you have submitted your answers, select “view your score.” For every answer you get correct, there will be a letter to put in the final secret code to escape. If you do not get all the answers correct, e“x”it out of the score report and select “edit your response.” Resubmit with the correct answers to find out the letters needed to escape.” They had to look for the answers on the Google Team Drive. Once they were through, they had to look at their score. Each question with a correct answer gave them a letter to fill in and complete the final clue to escape.

The teachers were very competitive. We gave the first team of teachers to finish a bucket of school supplies. They learned a lot about our program  too!

Since this was such a hit, I have decided to use it with my students. Of course, I will edit the questions, but I can use this for ANY lesson as a pre or post assessment. 

I also placed this fun activity on my TPT.  If you are interested in purchasing the the Superhero Virtual Escape Room, you can find it here! I also added 12 superhero template power point slides to teach the lesson first before trying to escape the Virtual Escape Room. Remember, it is completely editable so it can be used by any teacher for any subject :)

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