Sunday, March 20, 2016

Do you know a Mon "STAR" student?

I often hear school counselors say study skills is their least favorite subject to teach because it's boring. I actually love teaching study skills. I get a kick seeing students excited to try new strategies to bring up their grades.
Students aren't exactly thrilled about study skills either. So I try to make it fun and exciting. Giving the lesson a theme and a fun game allows students to learn about their own personal learning style while having fun.
One lesson I created was How to Be a Mon"STAR" Student. We start with taking a Learning Styles Inventory. Students enjoy taking surveys and comparing results.

I have a tips and tricks sheet for each of the learning styles that I give students to take home and share with their parents.

Then we play a matching game. This is a game I created to help students learn study tips for the different learning styles. It's called Monster Mix Up. Break students into groups of 3 or more. Give each group a set of Monster Mix Up cards and a Study Tips Answer Key for the Fact Checker. Have one student assigned as the Fact checker. That student does not participate in matching cards, their job is to use the Study Tips Answer Key to determine if a match has been made. All other students in the group may play to make matches.
Students take turns flipping over two cards (1 monster top & 1 monster bottom) to make a match. A match is made when the Study Tip card can be used for the Learning Style card that is also flipped, then the student collects those two cards to make a silly monster. The game ends when all cards have been matched.

So the kids demonstrate knowledge of study skills for the different learning styles while having fun making silly monsters!

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