Monday, April 20, 2015

May the Scores be with you!

State Testing...I hear the collective's that time of year. It's crunch time and we are down to the last few days of preparing our students for showing what they have learned all year.  To prepare my students, I like to review test taking tips with them. This year, I made a Kahoot game to play with the students. The kids were divided into groups and used ipads to sign in and play along. 

This was my first time trying Kahoot and I really liked it! Even better...the kids liked it more! I created a 25 question quiz with multiple choice answers. The wrong answers are pretty obvious. I did that on purpose for a few laughs, but also to spend some time after each question discussing. With discussion, it took me 45 minutes to review these test taking tips with the kids. 

If you do not Kahoot, then you are missing out on a very engaging tool. Check Kahoot out at
And may the Scores be with you!