Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Rock the Test Pep Rally

After a week of pretending to be a Pirate and accepting volunteers for me new crew... if they followed me Test Taking Strategies, I am plum wore out.  But the Test must go on and so we planned a PASS Pep Rally.    It went over great and the kids are psyched for the test!

Here is our ROCK the TEST Pep Rally....We started off with Kindergarten through 2nd grade creating encouraging posters and marching through the Pep Rally, onto the stage, and around the older students while playing the video below.  I made this video using Michael Buffer's Jock Jams Remix and these Test Taking Tips Posters from Ashleigh's Education Journey .

After a welcome to the Pep Rally from our principal, the kids sang along with this video Rock this Test by Dallas Thompson and the students of Centennial Arts Academy.  A very well, put-together music video singing about test taking strategies.

Then it was time to let our teachers have a turn.  We have some very enthusiastic teachers and they love to perform when given the chance.  The following Music Video was written and performed by the White Knoll Elementary 5th Grade teachers, sang to the tune of Mean by Taylor Swift.

For our final act, we played Are You Smarter Than Your Teacher?  Game Show.  This is a Power Point I found on the internet and adapted, originally created by Florentine Purdy.  We had 2 teachers from each grade level and 2 students from each grade come up to play our game show.  The teachers had to ham it up and could never quite figure out the right answer while our students would huddle and figure out the right answer each time!  It was a lot of fun and the students now have a wealth of test taking strategies!

Game Show Power Point