Wednesday, February 22, 2012

"Paws" for Career Exploration

This month we are focusing on Careers at our school.  At the elementary level we help children become aware of the many opportunities in their future. So to allow the children to explore what they like and not just what I can talk about in one lesson, I take the children to the computer lab and give them the opportunity research their interests and careers that may interest them.  Our Computer teachers are so helpful!  They will pull up the internet site that I have pre-selected on each of the computers so the children are only researching on an approved internet site.  I have several sites that I like.  For this particular lesson I am using

This site allows students to do an online interest survey called "Job Finder" and provides highlighted interest careers that they can research.  As students walk in, I provide them with a mini book to complete and serve as their assessment.  

 We start by answering the questions in the "Job Finder" area.  The GREAT thing about this website - all questions and careers are read to the students!  Once the students have completed the yes/no interest questions, a cartoon community with highlighted career clusters is provided.  I ask the children to write down three career clusters they may be interested in.

Then students can start researching careers by clicking on the career cluster of interest and choosing from the list of careers.  A slideshow video is read to the students explaining the many facets of a career.  Students are to record information for three careers in their mini book.

The last page has a mini-mock resume for students to complete.  My hope for them is to realize that everything they do, whether it is making good grades or holding a leadership position in our school, helps them to be a well rounded person that employers will want to hire.  Finally, on the back, more websites are provided for the students to continue their research on their own. 

If you would like to make these mini-books, print side 1: Paws for Careers front side and side 2: Paws for Careers back side/  Paws for Careers Back Side Print them front and back, cut in half, stack and staple.


  1. Hi Michelle!

    I love your creative Career Awareness and Readiness activities! For which grade levels did you have do the Paws in Jobland website and mini books? Which grade level(s) Common Core does this guidance lesson best fit? Thank you for the additional information! Kind regards, Ms. F Elementary Counselor in the Utah west desert

  2. Thanks for sharing your material, I loved the idea of the first resume!

  3. Any ideas on what happened to Paws site? I cannot seem to access it this school year. Thanks!