Thursday, June 13, 2019

My Rockin' School Counselor

As soon as I walk through the doors at my school, I feel like a Rock Star! Elementary kids are awesome and are the reason why I love my job! With that thought in mind, I created My Rockin' School Counselor Introduction lesson.

At the beginning of the year, I always start off with a reminder of what I do at our school. I talk about my roles and responsibilities. So for this lesson, what better way to get started than review a School Counselor's favorite songs! Here are a few:

Don't Worry, Be Happy School Counselor’s help you cope with worries.

Let it Go from FrozenSchool Counselors help you let your anger go.

Next, I talk about the how I know which kids need help. School Counselors have stars in their eyes. They are always looking for students who need help. We discuss the different ways students are referred for support.

Then we talk about the different reasons students see the counselor: academic concerns, friendship issues, family concerns, etc.

And of course, School Counselors do not repeat information like a broken record repeats the same lyric!

We see students by themselves:

In small groups:

And large groups:

Then we talk about the many places my fans will see me in the school!

Just like a real Rock Star, my VIP's know they are Very Important People to me!

No lesson is complete without some fun activities, so I created a fun, personalized Get to Know You activity:

Students create their own Top Hit Single by filling in the blanks about their favorite food &favorite activity. My Hit Single would be: 
Eating Tacos while Acting on Stage! 

Ha, ha, ha!!!

I also have an alternative or additional game. Have you ever seen the beach balls being batted around at a concert? Well our lesson includes a batting beach balls with Get to Know You questions written on it. Just like a concert, students toss a ball to a classmate. Students share information about themselves using the sentence starter that their right thumb is closest to when they catch the ball. 

Finally we end my time with them in a sing along. I added a verse about School Counselors  to Queen's We Will Rock You! Just have the kids start the beat and then we sing the verse! 

It is so much fun being a Rock Star! If you are interested in purchasing this lesson, you can find it HERE!

Friday, June 7, 2019

Snapshots of Careers

Career exploration starts early. At my school we have a Career Vehicle Day for K-2 and a Career Speaker Day for grades 3-5. Students get to choose three speakers to listen to. We schedule 30 minute sessions and the kids switch speakers. 

One year, I noticed some students taking notes while in the career sessions. That gave me an idea! So the next year I created Snapshots of Careers Note Taking sheet for all the students to use. I printed it two sided and folded in half to make a Research Booklet.

Snapshots of Careers helps students start their exploration by jotting down facts about the career description, education or skills needed, type of work place, and cool facts that they learned. The teachers have really liked this idea and use their research booklets to create bulletin boards and have students share with others in their class.

If you are interested in purchasing the Snapshots of Careers Research Sheet, you can find it HERE!

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

First Friday FREEBIE Fri-Yay!

On the 1st Friday of EACH month, visit Creative Counseling Resources for a FREE resource! Want to know what will be the next 1st Friday FREEBIE Fri-Yay? Visit this BLOG, The Creative Counselor,  to find out each month!

Since I just started this, my "1st" First Friday FREEBIE Fri-Yay! will be this Friday, June 7, 2019. The product that I will be giving away is my Lemons to Lemonade Flip Flap Book Growth Mindset Activity 

Make sure to come back the first Friday of July (July 5th) for another First Friday FREEBIE Fri-Yay! July's FREE Resource will be 

 Under the Sea Treasure Hunt PP Templates & Review Game

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Handling When Life Gives You Sour Lemons...

Teaching students “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!” is not so easy. Having a positive attitude or a growth mindset takes practice. One way I help my students learn how to turn a sour situation (fixed mindset) to a sweet situation (growth mindset) is using a fun Flip Flap Book.

Kids love fold-ables so I created a fun way to reframe having a bad day! Using this Flip Flap book, students identify their “Sour Situation” and turn it to “Sweet Lemonade” through changing their thoughts, words and actions. Open each flap to see on the left, the “fixed” mindset and on the right, the “growth” mindset. Changing the way we look at things and using positive self-talk will help us to deal with difficult situations in an okay way. On the back, students record their progress made to keep track of results!

So far I have found this has helped my students understand that we can change the way our day is going, it just takes a positive mindset to do it!

You can find my Lemons to Lemonade Growth Mindset Flip Flap Book HERE.

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Superhero Squad Review

At the end of the year, we always do a survey with our students to collect data for our program. Since the teachers were giving me time to come to their classroom, I decided to do a year review with the students as well to informally check for learning. Since it is the end of the year and everyone has lots to do, the teachers did not mind having 45 extra minutes while I spent time with the students reviewing our lessons for this year. It was time well spent! And I will definitely continue to do this at the end of the year.

I started the review with one slide from each lesson that highlighted the main concepts. I asked the students to share what they remembered and how they are applying it. 

After reviewing each of the lesson topics, I told them we were now going to see how much they really remember. We played a fun, interactive game where students worked in teams of 3 or 4 to answer the questions correctly.

 I assigned each team a number and a superhero icon on the game board. 

I would roll the dice and the corresponding team would have to collaborate to come up with an answer to one of the 25 questions from the lessons. If they answered it correctly, I would click their superhero and it would fly toward a superhero shield. The kids LOVED the game and seeing their superheroes fly closer and closer to the shield.  And they got most of the answers correct, which made me happy!

Select this link if you are interested in purchasing my Superhero Squad Review & Game, it comes with 12 superhero themed power point template slides. Just add your own information. To play the game, come up with 25 of your own review questions and play! The kids will love itJ

If you are interested in other review games like this, I also have an Under the Sea themed and Monster themed templates & game reviews as well.

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Sea of Feelings

Sometimes we are flooded with feelings. I like to explain to my students that feelings are like the waves at the beach. Sometimes they are calm and sometimes they come crashing down on us. Sometimes they come fast and sometimes they slowly go away. Just like no one wave is the same, neither are how our feelings affect us.

If I have an upset student or one with lots of worries, I just let them color this sheet to calm down and relax.

 I let them color the picture however they want with any colors. After the picture is finished, I have them label the feelings. For example, if they are mostly sad and their picture has mostly blue, they would color the box with “sad” in it blue. If they were only a little shy and their picture had a little bit of purple, they would color the “shy” box purple. Afterwards, we have a good place to start talking about the feelings they are experiencing and why.

I have another version of this sheet with blank boxes, where they fill in with their own feelings.

These coloring sheets are great for all kinds of situations, whether it is working with a student individually, in small group or whole class. Some examples of use:
· To calm down an upset student
· To let an angry student express their feelings
· To allow a group of students in conflict share their feeling with each other
· In a Grief group
· In a Divorce & Separation group
· In a New Student group
· In Classroom Guidance on recognizing feelings
· In a Classroom Guidance at the beginning of a new school year

If you are interested in purchasing my Sea of Feelings Coloring Emotions Worksheet, you can find it HEREJ