Sunday, September 24, 2017

Be a Mon"star" Student - Use Your Whole Body to Listen

This past week I had the best time teaching my firsties! We were learning about how to use your whole body to listen. It is not easy to listen with all the stimulation these kids experience. We started with a short discussion about listening such as, "How can the speaker/teacher tell you are listening?" (Funny side note - when I used the word speaker, one of my students thought I was talking about the microphone speaker!)
We watched a Sesame Street video called The Biscotti Kid. Discussion about how the Cookie Monster finally earned his cookie belt led to discussion of each body part and what we can do with it to help us focus on listening. I had a cute monster slideshow. As we discussed each body part, we reviewed with hand movements to help remember: Goggle eyes, finger in front of mouth, hands by open ears, hands by side, body calm and facing front, feet on floor, pat your brain, make a heart with two hands.

At the end of the slideshow, to asses for understanding, I asked them rhyming riddles to build our Mon"star" listening student. Here's an example of some of the riddles.
1. I keep this part facing front. It’s not time to do a stunt. Nor do I practice my karate. I stay calm with my?
2. I keep these on the person in sight. When listening, I know this is right. It shows that I am very wise to always listen with my?
3. I use this part to communicate. But when I am listening, I have to wait. I wouldn’t want the conversation to go south. I am talking about using my?

As they answered the riddle, I would click on the slide and the body part would appear. The kids loved it! We ended the lesson with the students drawing their own Mon"star" student. Here are some examples of their drawings:

I also sell this lesson. Be a Mon"star" Student Using Whole Body Listening. If you are interested in purchasing this lesson,
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