Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Put it in the Piggie

Here's a little motivation I came up with for my younger students. We are always looking for ways to reward the desirable behaviors in Behavior RTI. Since some children are very tangible and like to earn money, I made a Piggy Bank to collect reward points/coins. This is how it works... a student who has an undesirable behavior has a goal to replace it with a desirable behavior. Say Little Johnnie, who doesn't like to do school work, will complete his work 80% of the time. The teacher will break his day into manageable chunks of time or  tasks and give him a paper coin for each time frame he has completed his work. He can then put the coin in the piggy bank! He can save those coins for a reward of his choice at the agreed upon time. When it's time to cash in, he can dump the coins out and start over.

So how did I create my piggy bank? First I printed a picture of a pig and glued it to card stock. (I guess I could have printed to the card stock, that would have been one less step.) Then I drew a coin slot and cut it out. Next, I used a plastic sheet protector to catch the coins. I cut out a square big enough to cover the slot on the back of the piggy. I placed the pig on top of the sheet protector with my slot centered over the cut out square. Sent all of it through the laminator. When I cut out the pig, I made sure to cut the top of the sheet protector so that it would open up and of course I had to cut the lamination over the slot so there would be an opening. Basically it's like a plastic pouch on the back of the pig.

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