Saturday, March 18, 2017

Reacting to "Reel" Rejection

Here's a fun activity that I did with my friendship group. We were talking about being rejected by our friends, how we feel when that happens, and what can you do. Changing our mindset can help us when dealing with these difficult times. After our discussion, we made a "reel."

Before the group, I used notecards to write places and activities at our school where they may be interacting with friends. For example, "On the playground playing kickball" or "At lunch eating." I allowed the students to pick a situation to draw on a sheet of paper with a dashed line across the middle. The top portion of the paper has a student asking if they can join and the others saying "no". Then the students picked a way to handle the rejection. Again I took notecards and wrote different reactions such as "I can find someone else to hang out with" or "I can survive this, it happens to everyone." On the bottom portion of the paper, they drew the same scenario with the student handling the rejection with the comment they picked.

As students finished their stories, I taped them together, added another sheet in between each story with "The Next Week..." By the time we were done, we had our Handling Rejection Reel. To show our reel, I made a "flat screen tv" from a black folder. I cut out a square from the front of the folder and a notch from the folded portion for the paper to slide through. As the scene came up, I had the students narrate their story and positive way to handle rejection. The kids loved it!

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