Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Calm the Standardized Testing Sea!

Ahoy there Mateys! Avast all ye pirates who are about to start the standardized testing mayhem! Are ye crew threatening mutiny? Are ye pirates threatening to make you walk the plank? Landlubbers and pirates alike will settle down when they learn some test-taking strategies.

I'm a huge pirate fan! I love to dress-up and talk like a pirate! A couple of years ago, I created a pirate themed classroom guidance lesson to get students prepared for standardized testing. I dressed up like a pirate, got the kids to sing along with me some testing cheers to the tunes of pirate songs, and shared tips and tricks to do well on the test. Standardized testing can create panic and fear, but your crew can be ready and have some fun too! Recently I updated my questions and created a pirate themed game to get my students onboard for standardized testing. Students navigate 25 questions about testing to collect doubloons for their team.

Directions to play the Pirate Treasure Challenge:
  • Divide the class into two teams
  • Take turns having one player from each team stand on the side of the Smart Board that represents their team
  • Read the question and all answers BEFORE students choose their team's answer
  • Students touch the answer on the side of the board for their team
  • The first team to get the question correct can add a doubloon to their treasure by sliding a coin down to their person
  • Go back to the question or forward to the next question by selecting the question number on the message in a bottle
  • As questions are answered, spend time discussing how this will help your students do well on the test. by playing this Smart Board game reviewing common test taking strategies.

Here is a video of the game. The music was added to the video, it's not on the game.

If you would like your crew to sail through testing on calm seas, you can purchase this Smart Board game, 


  1. what a cool and creative game! Do you know if it is compatible with promethean board as well?

    1. I am not sure, but I am thinking not since I used Smart Notebook. The way you can find out is by going to my TPT sight . I have a preview file you can download for free to try it out and see. Thanks for the compliment! Michelle