Monday, August 3, 2015

Mission Possible: Meet the School Counselor

**Cue the Mission Impossible Music**  What kid has not dreamed of being a secret agent? My newest Meet the School Counselor Lesson takes the fun of being a Secret Agent and combines it with learning about the role of the School Counselor. I figured my third graders would love this lesson!

Secret Agents start by listening to a Welcome message introducing them to what they are about to do. They will be engaged in breaking codes on each slide to figure out what a School Counselor does. The Smart Board allows students to manipulate the clues such as wiping the steam off a bathroom mirror to uncover that School Counselors are caring.  

I also had my son, who has an awesome British accent, record one of the clues. Students have to listen and follow 12 different directions to uncover that School Counselors are confidential. One slide requests students to slide the magnifying glass around the screen to uncover that School Counselors are
Problem Solvers. On another slide they have to use a code to decipher that School Counselors are Listeners. Of course with each of these slides comes discussion and sharing how to let the School Counselor know when you need some help. After all the clues have been decoded, there is one more slide with a flashlight that the Secret Agents shine to find out we have a game planned!

Our super sleuth game of Discover the Secret Agent! starts with the Students applying to become a Secret Agent,
but first they must come up with a code name using the Code Name Generator.
Once all students have applied to be a Secret Agent, I will use the applications to play our game. To play Discover the Detective, I will read the Secret Agent's code name and the two facts they wrote about themselves. Then I will allow students to guess who the Secret Agent is. I can't wait to see how they like my newest lesson!

Watch the video below to see it in action!

If you are interested in purchasing this Mission Possible Lesson, please visit my TPT store by clicking this link. You must have Smart Notebook Software to open this file. Please note the Mission Impossible Music is not on the actual Smartboard. I just used the music at the beginning and end of this movie I recorded.