Saturday, July 25, 2015

Wii Talk - Wii Motivate

This summer I got to attend the  ASCA conference in Phoenix. While there, I attended some great sessions. One session I attended was School Counseling: Game On! by Christy Welch. Her children by engaging them with what they like to When they are engaged, they will feel more comfortable to talk about problems. So why not use what they love the most? Video games!

Christy uses a Wii to help children open up by playing bowling, or tennis, or other Wii games. She has found that her students are much more at ease talking and she even has teachers who like to come and let off a little steam. 

So I want to incorporate a Wii into my school counseling program to provide students with a fun, interactive, engaging strategy to overcome social/emotional problems. Consider the "typical" counseling session of sitting & talking. Imagine how engaged children are in that type of counseling-NOT! Now imagine playing a game of bowling on the Wii. Children immediately are engaged & find it easier to talk while playing; versus sitting & talking to an adult. The Wii allows students to show their true feelings by creating a Mii. Students can relax doing yoga, release angry tension playing tennis, learn to focus & follow directions while playing Just Dance. Students even can be rewarded with a game promoting activity for meeting their personal goals!

There are so many uses for the Wii in counseling. Here is a short list I came up with:
Wii learn more about Mii (personal, divorce)
Wii open up to talk about problems (personal)
Wii learn friendship skills (getting along)
Wii listen & follow directions (ADHD)
Wii release anger & tension (anger management)
Wii understand rules (Behavior problems)
Wii use good sportsmanship (name calling)
Wii learn teamwork (cooperative learning)
Wii learn to set goals (academic skills)
Wii cess Recess (rewards)

So I submitted my project to Donors Choose. This is a great site to fund educational projects. My project is called Wii Talk–Wii Motivate. You can check it out here: I
raised $400 to purchase a Wii system for my students. I actually did not have to raise all $400. If you get donations the first week, Donors Choose will match donations up to $100 per donation.
Feel free to use my proposal as a starting point for you to write one too :)

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