Monday, July 20, 2015

Setting the Stage

Call me crazy, but I am excited about the new school year! It's only half way through summer vacation and I already have made my passes, self-referrals, and classroom guidance orientation lessons. As I was cleaning my closet this summer, I came across some Film Strip bulletin board decorations I bought and never used so I decided that will be my theme this year! I will make Hollywood themed passes, self-referrals, and introduce myself in Hollywood style. Here are some pictures of what I made:

Label for Self-Referral Folder
Self-Referral Slips

Passes for Individuals

Small Group Pass 

K-2 Self-Referral
Teacher Referral

Referral Feedback

You can purchase the Hollywood Theme Pack for $3. Click Here.

I got so excited about making those, I went ahead and made a Hollywood Themed Guidance Orientation for my older students. I plan on starting the presentation with a countdown, like an old movie, and then introduce my role as a school counselor.  We will do one of my favorite activities where you show students a $20.00 bill.  Talk about how valuable it is and how much we like it, etc.  Crumble the bill up, throw it on the ground, stomp on it, yell at it, insult it, etc.  Open $20.00 bill back up and ask whether it is still valuable.  Ask if anyone would still like to have it. Why?
(Students will tell you it doesn’t matter if it has been crumpled, it is still worth $20.)  Make the comparison to self-esteem and self-confidence.  “No matter how many names we get called, or bad things happen to us, we are still who we were before  – valuable. After I have reviewed the role of the School Counselor, we will play Surprising Facts of the Stars. Students will complete a card with one thing others may not know about them. I will collect these and read them out loud for their classmates to guess who it is. Finally, to get some information about my students, but in a fun way, I created a Mad-Lib Movie. Students will complete questions on the questions sheet and then fill in the blanks with their answers. Students will end up with a hilarious story and I will collect the top half questions to keep and get to know my students better!
Here are some examples from my Setting the Stage powerpoint:

Surprising Facts Cards
Mad Lib Movie

Mad Lib Movie

If you are interested in purchasing this Setting the Stage lesson, I have created a $5 packet that includes:

1.         Lesson plan (4 pages)
2.         Power Point Slide Show Designed for personalization (19 slides)
3.         Surprising Facts of the Stars Cards (1 page)
4.          Mad-lib Movie Get to Know You Activity Sheets (2 pages)

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