Wednesday, July 29, 2015

My School Counselor is a Superhero!

Well of course we all know school counselors are here to save the day! Last year my co-counselor and I used a Superhero theme to review our program with the faculty and start off the year. We dressed up as super heroes with plastic capes (made from Dollar Tree plastic table cloths) and superhero masks. Below are a few slides from the slideshow for our faculty.

On the first day of school we dressed up once again and delivered teacher treats during planning times. We gave out bottles of water wearing capes with a Have a Super 1st Day message and popcorn. The teacher's were very appreciative! We also included any other faculty and staff:)

To continue the theme, I created a My School Counselor is a Superhero introduction lesson for the students. 

The slide show shares all the super powers a school counselor uses to help students.

 After the slideshow it's time to get to know each other better by playing Spiderman’s Web: Roll a ball of yarn to a student.  When they catch the ball, they share something about themself. Some examples are…”
  • Family “I have 1 sister.”
  • Interesting jobs “I feed my dog.”
  • Favorite foods “I like bananas.”
Make sure they continue to hold on to the yarn as each student catches the ball of yarn and shares. At the end, the students will have a Spiderman's web!

Another 'Get to Know You" Activity that we do is a Personal Shield. Students personalize their shield by coloring:
  1. In the first, outer ring,  favorite color.
  2. In the second ring, color of favorite food.
  3. In the center circle (behind the star), color of  eyes.
  4. In the star, draw a picture of yourself with a super power!” 

Finallly, I have a coloring sheet to leave with the students!

If you are interested in purchasing this My School Counselor is a Superhero Introduction Lesson, you can find it here.

Hope everyone has a SUPER year!


  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!!!!! Would you be willing to share your Power Point or is there somewhere that it may be purchased and edited?


    1. You can click on the word "slideshow" in the paragraph above and it will take you to the powerpoint. Then open "File" and click "make a copy." Glad you like it!

  2. Can you tell me where the template for the water bottles came from? I didn't see it in your Tpt store and I couldn't find it on pinterest:) Just trying to not reinvent the wheel! Thanks!