Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Introducing the Role of the School Counselor

 Click here to purchase!Have you seen the new, babbling yellow guys movie? If you have not, I bet your students have! They are cute and adorable and have their own funny little language! I decided that I needed to update my 1st grade School Counselor Introduction lesson. So I made one I knew my little ones would relate to and remember. Here are some examples from the slideshow:

After I introduce myself and share how I use all my body parts (eyes, ears, hands, feet, mouth) to help students, we are going to play a get to know you game. I plan on buying a yellow rubber ball, you know the kind that kids are always pulling out of the wire bin in the back of Walmart and then you have to somehow shove it back in. I am going to use Sharpies to draw goggles on it and then we will toss the ball to each other. When a student catches the ball, they will say one thing about them-self and then pass it on to another student in the class.

Finally, I made Goggles for students to draw how they see themselves.  Here are their choices: 1 goggle or 2:

 I also made self-referral slips for students to fill out to let me know when they want to talk.

If you would like to use this  Meet the School Counselor Lesson, (click here) I put together a packet that includes:
1. Meet the School Counselor Lesson Plan (3 pages)
2. Meet the School Counselor Slide Show (10 slides)
3. Activity - 1 Goggle (1 page)
4. Activity - 2 Goggles (1 page)
5. Self-Referral K-2 (1 page)
6. Label for Student Request Folder (1 page)


  1. Love this idea! Is there any way you can share the powerpoint!

  2. I would love to use this meet the counselor activity! I tried to contact you by clicking on the link and was unable to. ccruces@lusd.net

  3. I also would love it to but the link didn't work as well.