Sunday, April 13, 2014

Goal Setting with Stop Motion Technology

*Proud Parent Alert* Please Vote for my daughter's short film! Voting ends Saturday, April 26.
Ok Creative Counselor friends, my daughter needs your help! She has been selected for the top 10 in the S.C. Young Filmmakers contest. If she gets the most votes, she can win $500 which she wants to use to help her buy a Mac Book to make more films and help her with her future career. She is currently in second place. Please take just a minute to vote


  1. open video below IN YouTube by clicking the YouTube symbol at the bottom right underneath the video
  2. watch it of course because it really is awesome
  3. like her video by clicking the thumbs up button ON the YouTube site only. (For your vote to count, you have to "LIKE" the video on the YouTube page) 

Last but not least, please *SHARE*! Every vote counts! Thank you for helping her!!!

I plan on using this short video for an intro to Goal Setting.  But it also can be used to show students how to make stop motion videos to show what they have learned as a final project. Kids love making videos!  There is a free ap in the iTunes store that my 10 year old son uses all the time called Stop Motion Studio. Imagine students showing a random act of kindness or a conflict resolution scene or how to stop bullying using legos, their favorite toys to play with! I plan on uploading them to YouTube, create a QR code that can be scanned to take someone directly to the link, and then have business cards (home-made on my printer) to have ready to hand out.  If someone is in need of help, they can scan the business card and watch a lego short video on the topic.  It could be a great conversation starter and great way for the kids making the videos to practice important social skills!

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