Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Has anyone noticed 5th graders can be soooo mean? I have and so I decided to do this month's classroom guidance lesson on Filling Our Buckets! I created a How to Fill Your Bucket video based on the book Have You Filled Your Bucket Today?

After watching the How to Fill Your Bucket video, we had a great discussion on examples of Bucket Filling and Bucket Dipping.  We also talked about putting a lid on our bucket to protect it when people are trying to dip from it.  When putting a lid on our bucket we can ignore, walk away, hang out with other friends, etc.

Then we made our own invisible buckets out of clear cups and chenille sticks.  I gave each student 50 compliments that they could cut and use to fill each others' buckets. 

 The kids absolutely LOVED it! And reading the compliments definitely filled our buckets!

Have you filled your bucket today?

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