Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Fantastic Foil Forget-Me-Nots

Here's a simple activity that I do with my grief groups.  During one of our meetings, we focus on a favorite memory.  To save this memory forever, I have the students draw a picture of the memory on the back (non-shiny side) of the aluminum foil with a dull pencil.  It's best to use thick foil and a dull pencil so the foil does not tear. This creates a 3-D effect on the opposite, shiny side of the foil. The student then flips over the picture and colors in the picture with sharpies to make a vibrant, colorful, 3-D picture.  I wrapped the foil around an old thank you card, but any kind of cardboard to make it sturdy will do.  Finally we used Popsicle sticks to frame the picture.

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