Monday, April 30, 2012

Pirates Are Savvy Students

Pirate Test Taking Strategies Power Point Lesson
Aargh! We be a week out from PASS, Palmetto Assessment of State Standards, and the mutiny is on.  As the teachers try to get the last little bit of standards taught, me and me mateys are strategizn' a Pep Rally, it be next Monday.  Presently, we be hijackin' each of the classes to be teachin' Test Takin' Strategies.  This year we be usin' a Pirate theme and makin' a booty of a power point for our lesson.  

Me boys and girl always be a fascinated with pirates, so me hearties be keepin' plenty o' pirate costumes in our dress-up trunk.  Ol' Pirate Privette dressed up in me finest garb and be makin' up an elaborate story to introduce test takin' strategies:
  "Ahoy their mateys! I be lookin' for a new crew and made me way here to this land.  Are ye wonderin' where me crew went? Aye, me crew all abandoned ship and left me with nothin'!  Shiver me timbers if ye be believn' that story.  No, those scoundrels walked the plank 'cause they couldn' pass the test!  So I be lookin' for me  a new crew.  Who in here would be likin' to sign up?  Well first ye have to pass the test...what test ye ask?  Well some people like to call it the Palmetto Assessment of State Standards, but we all know what it really stands for......oh ye don' know do stands for: Pirates Are Savvy Students!"
Aye, me be a singin' pirate too!  The lesson be beginin' with an ol' pirate favorite:


Just so ye know, after me singin', I be sharin' the pirate code so students know how to be passin' the test.  They be learnin' lots o' strategies to be figurin' out the right answers!  Ye know testin' aint for the lily-livered, so I be lighten'n it up with a few pirate jokes too :) "Cept I be tellin' them if they don' know the answers, they be walkin' the plank!

I be leavin' them this here poster so as to not forget what I be teachn' them. 

"And after ye be finished passin' the test, I will  be back for me new crew!"
"Yo ho. Yo ho. A Pirate's Life for Me!

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  1. You have such a great blog! In high school I really depended on the counsellors I had in Calgary. These are such great ways to help kids. Thanks so much!