Monday, March 26, 2012

Windows of Opportunity

 Recently I was asked to work with a student who has been displaying inappropriate behaviors while waiting in the car pick-up area.  This student tends to be very impulsive in unstructured environments.  So to help this student achieve better impulse control, I came up with this idea - I would use his car tag to help him track his progress on a goal to control his impulsive behaviors.
  I wanted to give him an incentive to control his behavior each day, so I typed a joke that he would not be able to read completely until all windows were uncovered.  Then I used our die-cut machine to cut a paper fence.  I had the card with the joke under the fence die-cut laminated.  Then I added a "good job" sticker to each rectangle.  Using double stick tape, I covered up the 5 windows.  

Each day that he reaches his goal, he gets to uncover a window to read part of the joke.  The sticker he can pull off to wear home and show his parents he had a good afternoon. 
 The first week he had just one goal - to keep his hands to himself.  After one week, he was able to come to my office and pick a prize from my prize box.  We talked about adding a second goal.  I was so surprised to see how well this worked for him.  As one teacher stated, "It's like magic."  This child is now in control of his body and voice at car pick-up line, and even pulling out his homework to complete while waiting!  We will try this for three weeks to hopefully create a positive habit.


  1. What a great idea!! I like the fence idea! Keep up the great work!!


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  3. Hi,

    THanks for sharing. Im curious the age of the student the was used for. Also, I have no idea how to actually make it. I attempted to earlier today, but i do not have the die-cut machine you mentioned to cut out the fence. Its sounds great though. Any help on making it would me most helpful!


  4. This was used for a 3rd grade student. I would think you could make something similar just using skinny post it notes to cover the different days. Maybe a different color for each day would make it bright and colorful. Thanks for looking! Michelle