Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Goo Goo for Glogster

I love Glogging! If you don't know about Glogster, well go no further.  This is one cool website that allows you to create online multi-media posters that include videos, pictures, music and graphics.  I've used it for Classroom Guidance and Newsletters home to parents.  But Glogster can be used for other things as well such as student projects or a small group lesson.   The great thing about glogging is it is FREE to Educators!  Well as long as you want a private account.  If you plan on managing student blogs, it will cost.  I have been using the private account and when I create a Glog, I use the URL provided to copy and share with others.

Name that Tune Game Glog
Creating a Glog is easy. Once you create an account, just start having fun.  There are many graphics to choose from, you can upload your own pictures, music, and even videos from YouTube. Glogging really allows your creative side to come out.  If you would like to check out some Glogs I have created, follow the links below.
To the left is a Glog I created for a Guidance Orientation Lesson. At the beginning of the year I always review the many things a Guidance Counselor does.  This year I decided to play a game,  so I created this Glog: Name that Tune Game "Do You Know What a Counselor Does?" I divided the class into 2 teams.  A student from each team would come to the front of the room and face off to see who can "Name that tune" first. As I clicked on the different graphics, a tune would play. Once a student named the tune correctly, they would then say why Guidance Counselors like these songs. I gave one point for each correct answer. If you would like to try the game click here.  If you would like to see the answers, click here.
August Newsletter Glog

Each month I send home an E-Newsletter.  I have created a contact list with the emails of all my students' parent emails.  I create a Glog and then send an email with the link to the Glog.  My newsletters are much more interesting and I have saved many trees since I started E-Newsletters.  Here are some links to those newsletters.

To introduce myself to parents, I sent home this as my first newsletter of the school year.

December Newsletter Glog

To the left is my December Newsletter.  On this one I included a video that I showed during Classroom Guidance to allow parents to follow up at home with more discussion on respect.

So...do you Glog?  Please share how you use this wonderful tool!


  1. Oh my GLOG . . . another addiction waiting to happen . . . checking it out soon - thanks for sharing!

    The Corner On Character

    1. Ha ha Barbara, I am totally addicted to technology! I so know what you mean ;)

  2. Wow!! thanks for sharing this wonderful resource!! I love what you did with the name that tune! Very Clever!!! I am going to try and do this!!


  3. Michelle, I'd love to feature one of your Glogs on SCOPE http://sconlineprofessionalexchange.wikispaces.com/ as a Glogster example. Would you mind sending the embed code for one of your Glogs to me at erinmasonphd@gmail.com??? Thanks! Erin

  4. This is great! Do you only have an online newsletter, or do you have a paper newsletter that goes out as well?
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Thanks, Michelle! I loved this glog. I used it with all three of my 5th grade classes. Kids really dug it. Thanks for sharing it with us. I'm inspired to try Glogster on my own now.

  6. Glad you were able to use it and the kids liked it! Happy new school year:)

  7. I have never heard of this before! I love it! I am going to try to create some glogs myself!