Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Terrific Tuesday

It was a Terrific Tuesday and I held my second recess group for whoever signed up.  I knew the students would enjoy the groups and the word is spreading.  Already I am turning students away because they did not sign up fast enough.  I chose three cooperative games that the kids just loved.  I just wish we had more than 15 minutes to play!  
The first game we played was Moon Tennis.  To play this game, I made moon paddles by taping tongue depressors to the back of paper plates.  Students worked together to keep the moon ball (balloon) up in the air.  Before we started, we discussed strategies to try so that we were working together to achieve the goal of keeping it up with 100 hits. Another variation could be to throw in more than one balloon and see how well they do with keeping up multiple balloons. 

The second game we played was Pom Pom Poppers.  I made the poppers by cutting off the bottom third of solo cups (doubled for sturdiness) and stretched a balloon with the end cut off over the top of the cup.  Students loaded their poppers with little, fuzzy pom poms and aimed to get at least 20 pom poms in the goal (trash can).  Watch out!  Those things can shoot far!

Our last activity was to play the Ha Ha game.  It sure was fun and I challenge you to see if your kids can get through this game without falling out in laughter. Have students lay on the floor  and place their heads on another person's tummy, so that everyone is connected.  The 1st person says "Ha", then the 2nd person "Ha-ha" and so on.  The goal is to get all the way through the group without anyone laughing; its infectious if someone starts laughing. I don't think it can be done!  Click on the video below to hear how well our group did.. and this is the second go around.  Silly kids! All in all, the students left smiling:)

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