Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Problem Solving Lagoon

Another lesson and activity I use with my students in my Anger Management Group, the Chill Club, is a lesson from Puzzle Pieces written by Gwen Sitsch and Diane Senn.  Problem Solving Lagoon can be used in many different groups because it creatively presents the problem solving method and provides students with the skills to solve their own problems.  In this case, those problems that cause them to get angry.  Students are introduced to Freddie the Frog and his problem solving lagoon through a short story. Freddie teaches his friends the three steps to problem solving and comes up with problem solving strategies.  He does not forget to include the rules for managing madness.

After I read the short story to the students, we work on the Smart Board solving problems that are relevant to children.  Students in the group come up with many different ways to solve a problem and then determine if the solution chosen meets the criteria for managing our madness: 1) Do not hurt yourself, 2) Do not hurt others, 3) Do not hurt property. 

 Finally we make lily pads with a wheel of choices to use when solving problems outside of my office. The lily pads are made from 6" plates (I wish I had green plates, but this was close enough) I cut out a triangle shaped wedge to reveal different choices underneath.  I printed the Wheel of Choices (from firstgradeperson.blogspot.com) and attached them underneath using a brad.  Students decorated their lily pads with Freddie the frog, the three steps to solving a problem and the Madness Management rules.  Here are some pictures of those lily pad choice wheels.  I think kids can be so creative!  One child chose to make his with pop-up images!


  1. You have some really great stuff on here! I am always looking for ideas to use with my social skills group. I will look here again!

    I am following!

  2. Welcome, Kim! I'm happy to share:) Thanks for your comment!

  3. We are looking to introduce wheel of choice in our school. Love the idea of making their own wheel! Thanks for sharing.

  4. LOVE this lesson! It's such a creative and fun way to teach problem solving! Thanks for sharing, I will be using it!!