Friday, February 10, 2012

More Cooperative Games

Today's Fabulous Friday groups got all tied up in knots and fibs!  We had fun playing some more cooperative games.  
Our first game was Gotcha.  To play this game, students stand in a circle, arms out to the side with their left hand palm up, and right hand index finger pointing down and touching on neighbor's outstretched palm.Tell the students, "When I say the word go, do two things.... grab the finger in your left hand, and prevent your right finger from being grabbed." To make it a little more exciting, I had trigger words the kids had to hear before starting.  The trigger word may have been "school" and I would say rhyming words such as "rule, drool, mule" When they heard "school", they could grab the other's finger - GOTCHA!  It was a very quick game.

The kids got more excited over playing The Human Knot.  This is one of the first cooperative games I learned, but it is great for talking about problem-solving!  To play this game, ask students to form a circle, shoulder-to-shoulder.  Ask students to each place a hand in the middle of the circle and to grasp another hand. Then ask participants to put their other hand in the middle, grasp a different person's hand.        Don't let participants let go of hands - some will be tempted to think the activity might then be over - but it is only just starting.   Explain to participants that what you'd like them to do is untangle themselves, without letting go of hands, into a circle. Participants may change their grip so as to be more comfortable, but they are not to unclasp and re-clasp so as to undo the knot.  I don't know how this works out every time, but it does. 

Our last game was Fact or Fib.  Students sat in a circle and would make a statement.  It could be true or it could be false.  The rest of the students would vote if it was a fact or a fib.  Most amazingly, these kids know each other very well, they usually voted right!

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