Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ingredients for a Perfect Friendship

Today my Friendship group focused on a Recipe for Friendship.  We compared the ingredients to making a pizza.  There are three main ingredients in pizza: dough, sauce, and toppings. Friendships are the same way.  We have three main ingredients: friendly thoughts, friendly words, and friendly actions.  So I came up with a "Backwards" See-through Book to show how the three ingredients, added together, make for a perfect recipe.

I started by stapling 4 sheets of clear overhead projector sheets together. 

On the last page, we started our recipe with "Kneading" some friendly thoughts.  Students wrote some friendly thoughts around the edges of the dough and attached it to the last page of the book.  Underneath the dough we added the Step 1: "Knead up some Friendly Thoughts." 

This is what the kids put on the page.
The clear pages make a neat layering!
 On the second to last page, students "Poured" on some sauce with friendly words that we can say to others.  Students wrote some friendly things to say and then added step 2: "Pour on some friendly words."  

This is what the kids put on the page.
The pizza is finished and so is our recipe!
On the third to last page (actually the second page of the book if you were turning from the front), students "Sprinkled" on some friendly actions.  Students selected different toppings and wrote friendly actions that they can use.  They then put on the third step: "Add a Sprinkle of friendly actions."  
On the front of the book, students placed the title "Ingredients for a Perfect Friendship".  Since each page is transparent, the layering effect creates a perfect pizza with recipe directions for making and keeping friends!


  1. Wonderful idea! I may use my personal laminator to see if I can get the same effect. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I don't have a personal laminator, Let me know how that goes, I might need to try it out.