Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Teaching "I" Messages

I found this great bulletin board idea on Pinterest thanks to Kellie Wedig Meixner and was so excited to make my own "Guidance" version.  Since I teach "I" messages to all my students, I found this to be a great bulletin board theme to practice making those kinds of  statements.  After all, communication is key to solving our problems and I would say that Angry Birds could use some practice telling the pigs how they feel about their eggs being stolen!

I wanted to make this Bulletin Board interactive so I made wheels that turn and reveal different feelings, situations, and solutions.  Students can turn the wheels to make many different I statements.
I feel (scared, frustrated, mad, sad, embarrassed, happy)

When you (take my things, hurt me, call me names,  bother me)

Please (stop, don't, be nice, be a friend

Do you have any creative Guidance Bulletin Board themes?  I'm always looking for new ideas!


  1. So cute great job! I want to use this on my guidance board!!!!

    1. You are welcome to do the same. I am all for sharing and not reinventing the wheel!

  2. You have great ideas. Love the Mr. Potato Head for careers too. Thanks so much for sharing.