Monday, February 6, 2012

Happy School Counselors' Week!

 Happy School Counselors' Week to all my fellow School Counselors.  This year's theme:  Legos - School Counselor's Help Students "Build" Bright Futures. Oh what fun.  We put together just a few things for this special week to say "Thank You" to our staff for being so wonderful and supportive of our program. 
In the Teachers' Lounge, we put out a lego themed display.  We started with bubble wrap spray painted green to look like the lego base.  We put a vase filled with legos for the staff to guess how many legos.  The official guessing forms are standing in a box made of legos and can be placed inside a yellow "lego" box when completed.   Finally, we made a lego frame with a small announcement about the theme of the week and filled a clear soap container with "floating" legos.


Tomorrow we plan on giving out foam legos with a "Thank You" note on the back.  I found thin, 4x6 foam sheets at the Dollar Tree and used the Avery coding label sticker dots to turn them into legos.

On Thursday we will be making mini "Lego" my Eggos with whip cream and blueberries to put in the Teachers' Lounge.  Finally, anyone who makes a guess at how many legos are in the vase will get a congratulatory mini chocolate bar wrapped to look like a lego.  We will give the lego photo frame and lego soap to the 2 people with the closest guesses!

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