Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fabulous Friday Friends

I have been wanting to start a "Lunch Bunch" group for a while, but honestly, I just couldn't get past the logistics of who can come, how will they know they get to come, how will the teachers know they have permission to come, and what will we do to make it a meaningful learning experience.  Usually when I start a small group, it has a focus topic and specific students are selected to attend based on their needs.  Then I can notify teachers that this small group occurs weekly and to expect a pass each week on that day.
But what I want to create is an always revolving group that meets during recess and the only "need" is the need to be a part of a Group.  I even had 5th graders suggesting that I start a group like this, so I know the "need" is out there. Thus I am back to my problem of logistics.
So I came up with this idea:  I would have a group that meets on Fridays at recess called the Fabulous Friday Friends.  We will play cooperative games and work on social skills.  Anyone can come to this group, but since I am limited in space, only the first 6 students who notify me get to come.  I made a sign-up sheet with six spaces to write names and made clothespin passes to attach to the clipboard.  On one side of the clothespins I wrote, "Fabulous Friday Friends" and on the other side, "Recess Pass to Mrs. Privette".  When students sign up on the clipboard Friday morning, they can take a clothespin pass and attach it to their clothing.  That way they do not forget about our group and the teachers know they have permission to attend.  The students will have to bring back the clothespin pass as their "ticket" to attend.  I'm thinking this will be a popular group and I will need to add Terrific Tuesdays as well!

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